Keyan is thrilled and honored to be endorsed
     by the following companies.

P. Mauriat Saxophones

Check out Keyan's artist page at P.Mauriat Music http://www.pmauriatmusic.com/


Forestone Reeds

Keyan appreciates the "real" feel of these amazing synthetic reeds. Check him out at www.forestone-japan.com


Theo Wanne Mouthpieces

As a jazz saxophonist for many years I thought the perfect mouthpiece was a myth until I played the Kali. Big bright sound, but with a CORE, and that makes all the difference. I can go from a sweet altissimo to a rich low b-flat without a hitch. Versatility and power, all in an attractive package, makes the Kali the mouthpiece for me. Theo, I canít say thank you enough. Check out the Kali and their other fabulous mouthpieces at http://theowanne.com/



Fred Lebayle Mouthpieces

Saxophonist Keyan Williams adds another endorsement to his list with soprano mouthpiece maker Fred Lebayle. Keyan is pleased to represent the Fred Lebayle line of mouthpieces and enjoys playing them on his soprano sax. Find more about Fred Lebayle mouthpieces at www.lebayle.com.



Rigotti Reeds

Keyan Williams is proud to announce his latest endorsement with Rigotti Reeds. Keyan would like to thank Daniel Rigotti and the Rigotti Company for their support. He is looking forward to having a prosperous and productive business relationship. Check them out at www.rigotti-reeds.com.



BG Accessories

As a Professional Jazz Saxophonist I have used a great deal of ligatures. I must say, the BG Jazz ligature is one of the best ligatures Iíve ever tried. I could not believe the difference when playing with this ligature. My sound became bigger, fatter and a great deal more open. I have better control and I love the tone. If you want to make your sax sing like never before, the BG ligature is the one for you. This ligature is pure genius Franck. Merci Beaucoup! Find out more accessories at www.accessoires-bgfrance-instruments.com.


Applied Mic

Keyan also endorses Applied Mic. Find out more at http://www.appliedmicrophone.com/.



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